The Full Dresser

The Fly Dresser’s Dresser is my flagship and most popular product. This dresser has been specifically designed to provide valuable storage for fly tying materials and to create a beautiful and organised working environment for fly dressing.

Full Dresser

fly Fishing Dresser


Dimensions: 1540mm (w) x 620mm (d) x 1400mm (h). Desk height 800mm

The full dresser comes in two design styles either premium or standard:

Premium Full Dresser

This dresser is a framed piece of furniture. The carcass is made from an oak veneered board which is then framed on the front elevation with 40/25mm solid oak. The desktop is jointed solid oak and the drawers are again solid oak with dovetail joints both front and back. On the top section, these dovetails are exposed to provide an additional decorative feature.

The 9 drawers in the base unit are all fitted on premium Blum drawer runners, allowing full drawer extension and a soft close. The 13 drawers in the top section simply slide in and out, giving the option for the drawers to be completely removed to provide easy access to their contents.

The dresser has a lacquered finish which is durable and easy to maintain. There are numerous options and additional features which can be added in order to enhance the dresser. These are shown as extras below.

As all my work is made to order, the overall dimensions noted above can be easily amended. Although oak is our primary material, the dresser can be ordered in other species of wood and, if required, the original design can be modified to suit customers’ individual needs.

Standard Full Dresser

The key differences between this dresser and the premium oak dresser are:
This is not a framed piece of furniture, which simply changes how it looks from the front elevation, both top and bottom; and It is only available in either Oak or Pine.

This dresser does however include the premium Blum drawer runners, dovetails and lacquered finish. The build quality is exactly the same and all the extras are available.

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